Much Ado About Nothing



Oh em gee, did you hear about Beatrice? Don Pedro told me that Claudio told him that Hero told him that she is *totes* in love with Benedick. Not that she would *ever* say anything (she can be such a B sometimes!). But if we, like, set them up...

Join Desperate For Approval for a gossip-drenched, 80's-rock-scored rendition of Much Ado About Nothing, Shakespeare's original high-school rom-com.

Cast & Crew

Featuring: Hannah Neville, Franklin Wagner, Faith Kern, Kivan Kirk, Thomas Rude, Adam Harfield, Courney Stirn, Ashlie Kaun, Aamer Mian, Dylan Ward, Maggie DiMenna, Kelsey Gavnik, Michelle de Joya, Erin Gassner, Julia Steincross, and Adam Fox.

Directed by: Marino Eccher


Played June 16, 2017 at the Phoenix Theater.