Don't Shoot the Masseusse



Rex, a baseball player moping his way through a charity ball after a break-up with his glamorous girlfriend, could use a friend. He finds one - and maybe more - in Lucy, a sweet, sensible masseuse with a penchant for solving problems.

Before they solve anything, though, they'll have to deal with the morally ambivalent schemes of Rex's best friend, a pair of overzealous federal agents convinced the ballplayer is on the wrong side of the Red Scare, and a former lover who winds up coming too close for comfort.

Cast & Crew

Featuring: Carissa Caroll, Clayton Fitzgerald, Heather Fisher, Eric Johnson, John Komarek, Michael LaBore, Molly Miller, Tanya Miller, Pat Mulcahy, Carrie Vandelac, Nik VanDenMeerendonk, and Elise White.

Directed by: Marino and Elizabeth Eccher

Written by: Marino and Elizabeth Eccher


Premiered June 14, 2013 at the Historic Mounds Theatre.